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Red metals are very much in style with customers favoring alloy colors ranging from soft pinks to vibrant copper-reds. Red alloys depend upon their copper content for their color, which makes formulating filler metals particularly difficult since any elements added to lower the melting temperature of the filler metal tends to dramatically reduce the red color. We've spent quite a bit of time developing solders designed to get the best balance between good color and a workable melting temperature, and are proud to offer a variety of pink and red filler metals for gold, silver and nonprecious applications.


Gold-Based Pink and Red Solders
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Karat Code Au% Solidus Liquidus MSDS TDS
°F °C °F °C
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Nonprecious and Semi Precious Red Solders
    Solidus Liquidus    
Code Au% °F °C °F °C MSDS TDS
0 Low-cost, silver-free filler metal. Self-fluxing