• Solders for Red Metals
    Balancing color and melting temperature
    Brazing or soldering red-colored karat golds, red brasses, or pure copper always presents challenges. See our solutions for soldering red alloys including filler metals in paste, powder, wire and sheet.

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  • Fluoride Free Flux
    Safer Soldering With No Fluorides!
    Eliminate harmful fluorides from your workbench with these fluoride-free formulas available for gold, silver and nonprecious soldering in both pure flux formulas, and as paste solders.

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  • HydroFlux Welder
    Clean, Safe, Tankless Soldering and Brazing
    The HydroFlux Welder produces clean oxyhydrogen gas for soldering or brazing without the need for gas tanks.

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Quality Serving Craftsmanship Through Technology

Okai Corporation was formed in 1981 to supply the jewelry industry with high quality brazing and soldering products and outstanding service and customer support.  Okai currently supplies  solder for karat gold, silver, platinum, white metal and nonprecious metals  to manufacturing jewelers throughout the world and we work closely with our customers to develop processes and products that improve productivity and quality.




Metal alloys are atomized using inert gas to produce clean, homogenous, high-quality alloy powders.



Paste products combine alloy powders with suitable fluxes and binders for consistent application and ease of use.



Most Okai alloys are available in wire form and can be drawn to a variety of sizes. Available in coils and on spools.


Cut Pieces

Filler metals are available in strip, precut panels, chopped, or spherical form in a variety of sizes.


Flux and Chemicals

Okai manufactures a range of fluxes for any application; including liquid, cream and powdered flux.


HydroFlux Welder

Safe and clean, the HydroFlux welder generates it's own oxy-hydrogen gas from water brazing and soldering.